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The requirements for the structure and design of material items:

- UDC, BBK, Author mark, name of the author (s), name of the organization which represents the author, article title, a short abstract (100-250 words), keywords (6 - 10 positions) in Ukrainian? Russian and English;

- Article should include the following units:

1) problem definition and its relationship with important scientific and practical tasks;

2) analysis of recent studies and publications which discuss this issue;

3) the allocation of unsolved aspects of the problem, which is the subject matter of the article;

4) formulating objectives;

5) Main findings with complete justification of scientific results;

6) the findings of the research, including scientific novelty, and recommendations for further research in this direction.

- Article should be structured - section name or color, clearly identified the main idea;

- A reference to a particular job must be marked in the text in square brackets for the serial number in the list of references at the end of the article;

- Links to sources of statistical data required;

- A reference to the publication of research required;

- Links to tutorials, manuals, newspapers and magazines unscientific must be justified;

- A reference to their publication is allowed only in case of emergency;

- authors, the names are referenced in the text should be in the list of references to this article;

- Recommended links to the literature of leading scientists, foreign publications, academic journals, publications, included in international citation database .

- The number of the sources should be not less than 5 and not more than 15 articles for the original sources and not more than 50 sources for the review article. Links in the source list presented sequentially (for numbering), as the occurrence of links in the text;

- No more than four authors;

- The recommended amount of papers are 8 - 16 pages;

- Font Times New Roman, 14 font, 1.5 line spacing;

- Paragraph - 1.25, field - all are 2 cm

- Formulas are clear, common use of symbols to the numbers in parentheses;

- Compact tables, with the name and numbering;

- Quality illustrative material named and numbered, pictures have to be grouped;

- Materials to be provided printed on paper and in electronic form;

- Review of Doctor of Science (for graduate students and PhD candidates).

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the article above terms, names, data, quotes, loans, statistical data and more.

The requirements for the structure and design copyright data:

- Surname, name and patronymic of the author(s), title, degree, position and affiliation, business address (with zip code), email address (if applicable), telephone number (optional), basic scientific interests of the author(s)