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Proceedings of VNAU

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According to the Decree of Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine on September 11, 1997 this is such a scientific publication, which is allowed to publish the main results of theses.

The book highlights the condition and prospects of the technology and equipment and food processing industries, especially technology and equipment constructive processes of livestock and crop production; predstavneni new processes using advanced methods of plastic deformation and vibration treatment, the implementation of which can produce quality products with a complex profile high physical and mechanical characteristics.


- Engineering and materialoobrobka;

- Mashynovykorystannya in crop and livestock production;

- Technical services of mobile agricultural machinery;

- Processes and equipment and food processing industries;

- The creation of new processes using advanced methods


- The use of alternative energy sources;

- The development of educational technology in preparing mechanical engineers and designers.